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Chelmsford, MA 01824
In 1984 the Camp Paul Summer Education Program was approved by the Department of Education as a
Chapter 766 school.  This program is now called the Summer School at The Paul Center.  In 1988 the
governing Board initiated a pilot after school program that would provide respite care and recreational activities
for young people with special needs during the school year months.

In 1995, the Board of Directors was encouraged to change the name from Camp Paul for Exceptional Children,
Inc. to The Paul Center for Learning and Recreation, Inc.  We believe that the new name more accurately
reflects the range of programs being offered at The Paul Center.  The spirit of the founding purpose remains
as a cornerstone of the mission of the organization.  Our Mission is made possible by hundreds of people who
have given generously to our cause.
Our History
In the beginning Anna St. Germain had a dream.  She wanted to establish a "camp"
for young people with special needs.  In 1968 she met with Ray Paul to share her
dream of a special place for special kids.  They brought friends and neighbors
together to bring this dream to a reality.  Ray Paul provided the land to be used for
this "camp".  The land was prepared, tents were set up, transportation was
arranged and the children arrived.  The Founders enlisted the help of professionals
to develop a program for "Camp Paul" which was the first of what would become
several programs to be offered to special needs children.
The Paul Center is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in developing their maximum potential and
independence.  We accomplish this goal by providing services to the individual as well as to the family.  The
Board of Directors and staff of The Paul Center believe that through consistent quality programming we can
and do provide an optimal educational and recreational experience needed by our students.  To achieve our
mission we affirm:
We will work so that if our children were in need of services we would want them to come to The Paul

Learning is a life long process and an adventure in which all must be empowered to participate.

The Paul Center is the students' home away from home and we will enjoy and respect the students who
attend our programs.

Equal opportunity for all members of our society is a goal that will only be achieved by each of us taking
positive steps toward the goals of equity of opportunity to lead full and productive lives.
We stress with our staff the importance of establishing and maintaining a "spirit of extended family" with our
students.  This spirit transcends all aspects of our programs and continues to be a significant factor in our
success with our students.  We encourage any ideas they may have to improve our programs within the
parameters of our mission statement.
Our Mission Statement